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Dar Al Amal Association was found in 1970 It’s a volunteer Lebanese non-governmental organization licensed under No. 122/ ed.

Became a public utility by decree No. 9176 dated 10/08/1974.

Its mission: safeguarding Women and Children rights

Dar Al Amal (DAA)
Beirut – Sin El Fil – Horsh Tabet
Samir Ghazal Bldg – GF
+961 1 483508
+961 1 241164

Aracatz Street,
near Dr Berge Manokian
+961 1 241 164

Sabra – Ard Jalloul
In front of Baradi Baydoun
+961 1 826 721

How to Support
Dar Al Amal is non-profit organizations funded entirely throw grants, sponsorships and generous private donations. However what we achieve depends on the funds we manage to raise.

Dar Al Amal welcomes people who are in situation of prostitution, social marginalization and/or exclusion, and supports them re-establish their dignity and prepare them for social reintegration. Dar Al Amal also takes care of children living in difficult family and social life conditions, and support them to regain their identity and achieve their life dream/goal. Dar Al Amal needs your support to achive these objectives.

So don’t turn your back, help in whatever way you can!