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successstories post date: 2016-02-08
Surviving Abandonment and Maltreatment in prison: Setting out to new horizons

Surviving Abandonment and Maltreatment in prison: Setting out to new horizons 

Rana was born in 1989. Married and without children her husband denounced her to save himself from jail. She was suspended on charges of murder for almost four years in women's prison of Tripoli.  Her husband left her and travelled.
With her family not living in Lebanon Rana stayed in jail without a lawyer.

Therefore Dar Al Amal provided her with legal aid including a lawyer.

During her incarceration Rana participated in many activities (which) Dar Al Amal offers in the women's prison of Tripoli. These activities are organized in the framework of DAA's rehabilitation and reintegration project for women prisoners.

 These activities include vocational trainings on sewing, decorating ornaments, computer skills, handicraft etc. These contributed to the development of Rana skills and helped her to ensure an income due to the sale of her products by Dar Al Amal.
In addition Rana was followed up socially and psychologically.

Unfortunately her relationship to her parents suffered under her imprisonment. They refused to visit her as they weren’t able to accept her being in prison. Dar Al Amal offered a family follow-up as well until finally her father accepted to visit Rana in prison. Moreover he supported her with money.

After DAA paid Rana's bail she has been released.  At that time she was yet fully qualified to face a society which condemns women prisoners and hinders them in returning to a normal life without obstacles.