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events post date: 2017-06-06
Distribution of Certificates for ex-prisoners in Tripoli 24May2017

On 24 May 2017, under the auspices of the Mayor of Tripoli, Eng. Ahmed Qamardeen, Dar Al Amal has organized a fundraising brunch in Tripoli, to support the prisoners and ex-prisoners of Tripoli. In addition to an exhibition of the hand made products of the prisoners in the three women prisons in Lebanon (Baabda, Zahle, and Tripoli). The ceremony included the distribution of the certificates to ex-prisoners who attended the vocational training courses accelerated course, in collaboration with the municipality.


The social rehabilitation and reintegration project in prisons is very necessary for its professional and psychological support to the prisoners. This project began to give prisoners the chance to have more self-confidence during their imprisonment, to acquire more professional skills, know-how, demands by the market, after they leave the prison. Also, psychological support is necessary to help prisoners prepare for their social reintegration after their release from prison. The Dar Al Amal team gives them all the necessary support after their release from prison. This project proves even more that prison should be considered a place of rehabilitation and not punishment, and gives the prisoners a chance to have a better future.

The direct beneficiaries of this project are women, all over the age of eighteen, mostly from disadvantaged backgrounds and dislocated families. They are of different nationalities and religious affiliations, and several regions of Lebanon. They are imprisoned for several civil and criminal reasons.

Main objective:

 To contribute to better socio-professional reintegration of prisoners in prison in Lebanon, with a view to better helping them, once they leave prison, to be better integrated into society.

Specific objectives:

1. Strengthen the professional capacities of women prisoners

2. Supporting the initiative and recovery of self-confidence of prisoners

3. Sustaining the training program through voluntary recruitment of women prisoners and / or ex-prisoners who have received vocational training.


At the end of the sessions certificates, will be distributed to the prisoners who have attended these training courses, in order to find a job.