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successstories post date: 2016-01-24
Rouba Story

Rouba is 12 years old and lived in a small room together with her mother and 3 brothers.

Her father left home 6 years ago, after a big fight with his wife: He used to hit her and their children, especially Rouba.

The family was facing serious socio-economical problems and was not able to pay the rent or even food.

In order to support her family, Rouba's mother worked at night, which created rumors that she might be a prostitute, and spent all day sleeping.

Due to this situation, Rouba had a lot of behavioral and psychological problems:

1-   She skipped school and spent all day with some boys on the streets without her mother knowing.

2-   She used to drink alcohol and to smoke water pipes.

3-   She failed her 8th grade three times.

4-   She became unhygienic, wore dirty clothes etc.

5-   She was in high risk of delinquency.

Rouba came to the center, and a social worker created an action plan with herto instantly start helping.

In collaboration with a psychotherapist and the DAA team, Rouba showed of the following improvement:

1-   She benefited from school reinforcement as her grades improved.

2-   Psychological counseling helped Rouba in her to deal with her situation. She became more responsible, less careless.

3-   The social worker assumed the social follow-up with Rouba. Together they solved some problematic issues such as hygiene. Moreover they  worked on her interpersonal relationships. Therefore the social worker also cooperated with Rouba‚Äôs mother to improve her social and medical situation and not east her relation with Rouba. AShe learned how to protect Rouba, especially from the risk of delinquency.

4-   After one year of social and psychological follow-up, Dar Al Amal saw the need to take Rouba out of her family and she moved to a new home for her best interest.