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successstories post date: 2016-01-31
Saved from the streets

Ola is a 12 years old girl who lived with her family, which consists of mother, father and 3 children. They suffered from difficult social and economical circumstances:

Her father worked as a security officer in a small market in Beirut. Her mother worked as a cleaning lady. However, their income was not enough to meet their basic needs.


In addition Ola was victim of her father's physical and moral abuse.


Those conditions affected Ola in

1-   School: She was at high risk of dropping out from school, as she was repeating her classes for the second time (grade 4).

2-   Friendships: She was unable to make any friends, neither in school nor in the neighborhood. She preferred to be alone.

3-   Relationships to her family: She hated her family, especially her father, and dreamt of running away from home.


Dar Al Amal assisted Ola and her family during the hardest time, in which they attended social and psychological services.

Now Ola is improving at school again. She’s enjoys it and comes regularly to the centers.


 Her mother is supported by a social worker and a psychotherapist, who are teaching her how to protect herself and her children.