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successstories post date: 2016-02-01
Escape from Inner familiar Violence to a Violent Marriage and Enforced Prostitution

Fadia was raised in a broken family. Her parents were always fighting. Their home was full of violence. At the age of 16 she ran away with the first man she met. They got married.


Fadia's husband turned out to be an alcoholic, who used to beat her regularly. After a while, as if that were not enough, he started to exploit her and sold her to other men.


Fadia gave birth to two children, but her life was not changing. At some point she wanted to kill herself but she could not. She was invariably thinking of her kids. Finally she got a divorce and for a while she lived with her kids on the streets.

Eventually she was directed to Dar Al Amal, where she received help:

 A place to study, eat and sleep was provided for Fadia's children. The work with Fadia started immediately by offering her psychological help and by finding her a shelter to sleep. After some time, she found a job as well and therefore was able to rent a room. She could see her kids every weekend.

Until now Fadia still visits Dar Al Amal and participates in field trips.